What's special about our clothes?

What is Modal? What's the deal? Is it a natural or synthetic fibre?

Created from a plant based source, Modal is the fashion world's most sought-after fibre. It is made from the wood pulp of Beech trees. Modal is the next generation of bamboo viscose, preferred for its unmatched comfort and fibre strength. Following the similar process but made from a more suitable wood source for better aesthetics and utility performance.

Known for being softer than cotton as well as being more breathable and absorbent, Modal is the favoured fibre for premium fashion garments worldwide. It boasts better colour tones and adds a lustrous shine, there by increasing the life of the garment. It is also naturally antimicrobial. Modal is also preferred for tropical climates as it has a natural cooling tendancy. It is also suited for children's sensitive skin.

Modal is more eco-friendly for the environment as it is made from a natural regenerative plant and requires fewer raw materials and processes than cotton or any other bamboo viscose. It is also naturally bio-degradable. Choose Modal garments for a more sustainable choice.


All our clothing is made from this same miracle fibre in a perfect blend with the safest certified organic cotton. The softest clothes for your kids! Made with love,

- Nap Chief

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